Travel Photographer

Originally from Elk River, MN, my family life has taken me all over the country and to Europe. I have a always had the urge to travel and living abroad was a dream of mine since high school.

My artwork combines my love of travel with my passion for photography. I capture what I find beautiful along my journeys. I love exploring new places, walking through a cobblestone street lined with colorful houses, or finding the perfect doorway. Taking in sites from up high in towers, or from a boat in the river really changes the perspective and creates some of my favorite memories of a place. I love sharing my adventures with you!

When I am not traveling, I visit parks and gardens often, and attend local events and festivals. You will find my favorite images of flowers, butterflies and birds in my collection.

I love to share my art with others and discuss travel and photography! Please stop by an art or craft show and chat with me!

My company name, Live Life Travel Much really sums up the message I intend to share. Go out, see the world around you! Open your eyes to the little things we sometimes take for granted. If you can, travel outside of your local area, you never know the beauty that waits for you to discover!

Becky Zivicki

Live Life Travel Much Photography